Ritika Chowdhary

WIT Award Year: 2017
Organization: University of Sydney
Country: Australia

Ritika is a plant physiologist and biotechnologist pursuing her PhD at the University of Sydney and is a ACIAR, JAF PhD scholar. Her current PhD work is under the supervision of Dr. Richard Richards and Dr. Greg Rebetzke, of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, (CSIRO) and Prof. Richard Trethowan, The University of Sydney, with help of Dr. Ravish Chatrath, Dr. Sai Parshad and Dr. Satish Mishra. She possesses a keen interest in plant physiology and its integration with breeding and biotechnology and would like to explore this interaction at a practical level. Ritika is interested in providing advice to farmers on the best conditions for sowing to avoid stress, ways to prevent disease and cultivar choice. She also wants to learn how to interact with other scientists, particularly breeders, to explain her inexpensive and easily implemented techniques for screening for high-temperature tolerance. She looks forward to her role as a WIT, particularly the opportunity “to find creative new approaches for the economic development for our region, particularly in the areas of crop production and agricultural sustainability.