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Mapping of a new stem rust resistance gene Sr49 in chromosome 5B of whea

Landrace AUS28011 (Mahmoudi), collected from Ghardimaou, Tunisia, produced low stem rust response against Australian pathotypes of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici (Pgt) carrying virulence for several stem rust resistance genes deployed in modern wheat cultivars. Genetic analysis based on a Mahmoudi/Yitpi F3 population indicated the involvement of a single all-stage stem rust resistance gene and it was temporarily named SrM. Bulked segregant analysis using multiplex-ready SSR technology located SrM on the long arm of chromosome 5B. Since there is no other all-stage stem rust resistance gene located in chromosome 5BL, SrM was permanently designated Sr49. The Mahmoudi/Yitpi F3 population was enhanced to generate F6 recombinant inbred line (RIL) population for detailed mapping of Sr49 using publicly available genomic resources. Markers sun209 and sun479 flanked Sr49 at 1.5 and 0.9 cM distally and proximally, respectively. Markers sun209 and sun479 amplified PCR products different than the Sr49-linked alleles in 146 and 145 common wheat cultivars, respectively. Six and seven cultivars, respectively, carried the resistance-linked marker alleles sun209 148bp and sun479 200bp ; however, none of the cultivars carried both resistance-linked alleles. These results demonstrated the usefulness of these markers for marker-assisted selection of Sr49 in breeding programs.

Urmil K. Bansal, Sher Muhammad, Kerrie L. Forrest, Matthew J. Hayden, Harbans S. Bariana
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