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Identification of markers closely linked with adult plant leaf rust resistance gene Lr48 in wheat

Leaf rust is endemic to all wheat-growing regions of the world. Resistance to leaf rust in wheat cultivars is controlled either by all stage resistance (ASR) or by adult plant resistance (APR) genes. Although deployment of single ASR genes can provide high levels of resistance, these are usually overcome by virulence in pathogen populations. In contrast, individual APR genes often provide low levels of resistance and combinations of three to four genes are necessary to achieve adequate resistance for crop protection. This kind of APR has proven to be durable. APR gene Lr48 in a single plant selection of Condor (CSP44) was mapped on chromosome 2BS and was flanked by markers gwm429b (6.1 cM, distal) and barc7 (7.3 cM, proximal) (Bansal et al. 2008, Theor. Appl. Genet. 117:307-312). The present study was planned to identify markers more closely linked to Lr48. Selective genotyping by 90K Infinium Assay identified 27 SNP markers linked with Lr48. The SNP sequences were used to design Kompetitive Allele-Specific Primers (KASP). Eleven KASP markers showing clear clustering were genotyped on a RIL population using the CFX96 Touch™ real-time PCR detection system (Biorad, USA). KASP marker IWB72894 co-segregated with Lr48.

Vallence Nsabiyera
The University of Sydney, Plant Breeding Institute, Australia
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