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WIT Focus: Caixia Lan

Caixia Lan, from China, and currently working at CIMMYT, was a WIT winner in 2011. Since then, she has been focusing on identifying adult plant resistance (APR) gene to leaf rust, stripe rust, and stem rust in bread and durum wheats, and breeding durable rust resistant wheat cultivars.


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Tessa Schneider · 26 Oct 2016

WIT Focus: Jemanesh Kifetew Haile

BACKGROUND: What is your current professional position, title, affiliation, responsibilities? How long have you been in this position?

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow, studying Wheat Breeding and Genetics at the Crop Development Center, Department of Plant Sciences ...

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Tessa Schneider · 1 Sep 2016

WIT Profile: Esraa Alwan '10

Esraa Alwan, a native of Syria, won the Women in Triticum Early Career Award in 2010. She received her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering from Aleppo University in Syria, during which she also completed an MSc in conjunction with ICARDA. The BGRI is launching a series of profiles ...

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Tessa Schneider · 27 Jul 2016

Ron DePauw Donates WIT Award to FINCA

Ron DePauw has always been motivated by the power of agriculture to change people’s lives. During his distinguished career as a wheat breeder, he has produced over 200 scientific manuscripts, developed wheat cultivars, which have accounted for about 50 percent of  ...

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Tessa Schneider · 20 Jul 2016

Crop diversification: the ‘old’ weapon in the hands of Ethiopian farmers

Ethiopian farmers have been faced with continuous outbreaks of virulent stem rust and yellow rust epidemics over the past decades, causing considerable damage and thousands of tons of wheat grain losses. A curious reader might wonder what caused this depressing outcome: was it the unpredictable ...

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F.M Bassi , T. Chiari , R.P.S. Verma , S. Kumar · 15 Jun 2016

A Woman for Wheat

"A ship is safe in the harbor but that’s not what ships are for” is Maricelis Acevedo’s favorite mantra. The newly appointed associate director for science for Cornell University’s Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat (DGGW) project left her island home of Puerto Rico in 2003 to pursue a career as a ...

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Linda McCandless · 3 May 2016

On Roman Robigalia Day, scientists size up battle against centuries-old wheat rust disease

Devastating fungal wheat rusts have perplexed farmers since ancient times. For the Romans, the agricultural festival Robigalia celebrated each year on April 25... ...

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CIMMYT · 25 Apr 2016

Helping Nepalese farmers adapt to climate change

SINDHULPALCHOWK, NEPAL: Farming the terraced hillsides above the Indrawati River Valley of Nepal, Nabaraj Sapkota and his wife Muthu Dei experience the impacts of climate change on an almost daily basis. Erratic rains make planting difficult. Warm, misty conditions and prolonged winter ...

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Linda McCandless · 20 Apr 2016

2016 WIT Winners announced

Before an audience at the CIMMYT Wheat Research Station in Obregon Mexico, the BGRI presented WIT awards to another cadre of diverse early career wheat reaseachers and a WIT mentor.

2016 Early Career Women in Triticum Award winners:


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John Bakum · 18 Mar 2016

New project will continue funding the BGRI to combat threats to global wheat crop

CIUDAD OBREGÓN, Mexico: Climate-change-induced heat stress and disease pathogens migrating across borders threaten the world’s wheat supply and food security in conflict zones of Africa and the Middle East. To expand the scope of a global partnership to combat these threats, Cornell University ...

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16 Mar 2016