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Women in Triticum Spotlight: Shideh Mojerlou

Catching up with 2015 Women in Triticum Early Career Award winner, Shideh Mojerlou.

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Tessa Schneider · 28 Aug 2017

How pasta wheat is helping Ethiopian farmers escape poverty

Since 2009, the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) have partnered for the identification and development of new durum wheat varieties capable of withstanding the harsh environmental conditions of Eth

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Wasihun Legesse, Yetsedaw Aynewa, Addisu Asfaw, Seid Ahmed and Filippo M Bassi · 24 Aug 2017

Women in Triticum Spotlight: Chhavi Tiwari

Continuing our series of updates of past Women in Triticum award, Chavvi Tiwari is a 2014 recipient of the Women in Triticum Early Career Award.


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Tessa Schneider · 31 Jul 2017

Developing heat and drought tolerant wheat for Asia and Africa

Wheat is the most important and strategic crop at global level, and in Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA) region in particular. It is estimated that the CWANA region produces more than 100 million tons of wheat on a total area of more than 50 million hectares.

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Wuletaw Tadesse · 17 Jul 2017

Seeds Systems Initiative in Nepal successfully concludes first wheat season

The inaugural wheat season for the Seed Systems for Nepal Initiative has successfully concluded, with a total of 14 metric tons of ‘disease-free’ wheat seed produced by 150 farmers using the new seed processing unit inaugurated earlier this year by delegates from Nepal, Cornell Universit

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Samantha Hautea · 28 Jun 2017

Tackling new challenges in wheat research as we gear up for the 2018 BGRI conference

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Morocco to meet with wheat colleagues at ICARDA-Morocco.  It was my second trip to Morocco, and some of you may remember my visit in 2014  (

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Maricelis Acevedo · 26 May 2017

Catching up with WIT Early Career Award winner, Kaori Ando

Continuing our series of updates of past Women in Triticum awards, Kaori Ando is a 2013 receipient of the Women in Triticum Early Career Award.

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Tessa Schneider · 24 May 2017

13th International Wheat Genetics Symposium: A look at cutting-edge wheat research

The 13h International Wheat Genetics Symposium brought together over 500 researchers from around the world to Tulln Austria to highlight the latest developments in wheat genetics.

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John Bakum · 15 May 2017

Why we fly: Revolutionizing wheat phenotyping with drones

CIUDAD OBREGÓN, MEXICO: Ravi Singh compares plots of wheat lines growing in the fields of Obregón to determine which lines have potential as new varieties.

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Cally Arthur · 26 Apr 2017

WIT Profile: Yukiko Naruoka

Catching up with Yukiko Naruoka, WIT winner in 2012.

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Tessa Schneider · 25 Apr 2017