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Zak Pretorius: A pathologist looks at rust

The host/pathogen interaction has fascinated Zak “Zakkie” Pretorius, one of the BGRI's most respected pathologists, since he started his career in 1978.


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Linda McCandless · 22 Jul 2015

Increased risks of disease epidemics on cereal crops addressed in Denmark, July 5-8

Helsingør, Denmark: Scientists from all over the world met July 5-8, 2015, in Helsingør, Denmark, to discuss challenges and solutions in fighting spreading disease epidemics on cereal crops that may ...

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8 Jul 2015

New wheat and barley lab website

Check out the video and meet our wheat and barley research team:


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10 Jun 2015

Wheat industry in Pakistan at a glance

At a cursory glance, for the last many decades, Agriculture has remained the mainstay in Pakistan’s economy.  Quite steadily, it has been contributing around 21% in the country’s GDP (Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Statistics June 2014).  Wheat is the major staple crop of Pakistan and it ...

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Kaleem Ahmed · 24 Mar 2015

ICARDA Honored with Mendel Prize for Safely Duplicating Syria Genebank

ICARDA was honored on March 19, 2015, in Berlin with the prestigious Gregor Mendel Innovation Prize for successfully securing its globally important collection of crop genetic resources in Tel Hadya, Syria, despite the challenging conditions of civil war.

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Linda McCandless with Rajita Majumdar · 20 Mar 2015

Strengthening wheat in South Asia

KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Scientists from South Asia are gathering in Kathmandu to participate in comprehensive training on wheat rust monitoring and disease management. The 2015 SAARC (South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation) Surveillance Training Workshop will foster regional collaboration and ...

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Linda McCandless · 15 Mar 2015

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone!

From the League of Remarkable Women in Science, an interview with 2010 WIT winner Maricelis Acevedo.

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John Bakum · 10 Mar 2015

Young scientist breeds new wheat varieties

Students often consider agriculture to be not cool. However, anyone who delves deeper into the science of agriculture will discover that it is really an exciting area to explore and enjoy.


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John Bakum · 10 Feb 2015

Current approaches to transgenic regulation may not be in society's best interest

In an interview with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Jorge Dubcovsky, UC-Davis, discusses current methods of regulating GMO crops, and how these regulations are impeding progress. A portion of the interview is excerpted here.

HHMI: What’s wrong with regulating the technology ...

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John Bakum · 3 Feb 2015

New Borlaug stamp issued in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: A ceremony launching a postage stamp commemorating the 100th birthday of Dr. Norman Borlaug was held at the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), in Islamabad, Pakistan, on December 22, 2014. The stamp of Rs. 8 (8 rupees, or USD $.07) was released by the Director ...

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Linda McCandless · 5 Jan 2015