Wheat lines monogenic for resistance to stem rust from the wheat cultivar ‘Waldron’

The Triticum aestivum L. cultivar ‘Waldron’ has long lasting resistance to most North American stem rust (Puccinia graminis Pers.:Pers. f. sp. tritici Eriks. and E. Henn.) isolates. The objective of this research was to develop wheat lines monogenic for resistance to stem rust from ‘Waldron’ using allelism tests and tests for reaction to a series of ten stem rust cultures having a range of virulences. Twelve lines homozygous for single resistance genes were selected as parents of a diallel cross to test for allelism among genes for resistance. We identified 6 lines or groups of lines (WDR-A1, the WDR-B1 and WDR-B2 group, the WDR-C1 and WDR-C2 group, WDR-D1, the WDR-E1, WDR-E2, WDR-E3, and WDR-E4 group, and WDR-F1) that carried different single genes for resistance from ‘Waldron’. A seventh line (WDR-G1) probably has two genes for resistance, one in common with WDR-C1 and WDR-C2. The gene in the WDR-E group is probably the same as SrWld1, and the one in WDR-F1 the same as Sri11. ‘Waldron’ probably has two or more genes for resistance to stem rust that previous genetic studies did not detect.

C. R. Riede, N. D. Williams, J. D. Miller
Theoretical and Applied Genetics
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