Genetic and Cytogenetic Studies of Stem Rust, Leaf Rust, and Powdery Mildew Resistances in Hope and Related Wheat Cultivars

Three linked genes responsible for resistance respectively to stem rust, to leaf rust, and to powdery mildew are located on chromosome 7B of Hope wheat. The gene for stem rust resistance, operative in seedling and adult plant stages, is recessive and is designated Br17. The incompletely dominant gene for resistance to leaf rust, designated Lr14, showed 18% recombination with sr17, whilst in two different crosses recombination estimates of 6·0 and 2·5%, respectively, were obtained for the recessive gene for mildew resistance and Br17. All three genes were found to be present in a high proportion of Hope and H·44 derivatives. The gene Br 1'7 is apparently ineffective in conferring resistance to North American and pre.1954 Australian stem rust strains. Its incorporation into several cultivars selected for resistance to these strains presumably resulted from gene interactions or linkage with genes for resistance to other diseases.

RA Mcintosh, NH Luig and EP Baker
Australian Journal of Biological Sciences
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