(ER Kerber, pers. comm. 1991) (Plate 3-40)

Chromosome Location

2B (Kerber and Dyck, 1990). Sr39 showed 3% recombination with Lr35 (Kerber and Dyck, 1990) and segregated independently of Sr32 and Lr13 (ER Kerber, pers. comm. 1991).

Low Infection Type

1 to 2. Resistance is incompletely dominant (Kerber and Dyck, 1990).

Environmental Variability

None reported.


T. speltoides R.L.5344.

Pathogenic Variability

Virulence has not been reported, although wheats with this gene have not been tested widely. An intermediate response was produced with one University of Sydney PBI culture (see Plate 3-33 C).

Reference Stocks

i: Marquis-K*8/R.L5344, R.L.5711 (Kerber and Dyck, 1990).

amphiploid: T. speltoides R.L.5344/T. monococcum R.L.5346, R.L.5347 (Kerber and Dyck, 1990).

Source Stocks


Use in Agriculture

This gene has not been adequately assessed for use in agriculture.