(McIntosh et al., 1976) (Plate 3-27)

Chromosome Location

6A (6A/6Ag translocation) (Knott, 1961); 6AL (J Fisher, pers. comm. 1975).

Low Infection Type

0; to 2-.

Environmental Variability

Low (Roelfs and McVey, 1979).


Th. ponticum

Pathogenic Variability

Virulence has not been confirmed in field isolates (Luig, 1983; Huerta-Espino, 1992).

Reference Stocks

i: Sr26/9*LMPG (Knott, 1990).

s: Chinese Spring 6Ag and 6AgL substitutions for 6A, 6B and 6D, respectively (D The, unpublished 1990).

Source Stocks

Australia: Avocet (J Fisher, pers. comm. 1979); Flinders (Syme, 1983); Harrier; Kite (Luig, 1983); Takari (Fletcher, 1983). Eagle Sr9g (McIntosh ex al., 1976). Sunelg Sr24. Bass Sr36 (Syme et al., 1983).

Use in Agriculture

Sr26 has been used as a source of resistance only in Australia where the first cultivar, Eagle, was released in 1971. The et al. (1988) showed that backcross-derived lines with Sr26 yielded 9% less than sr26 sibs. However, cultivars Flinders, Harrier, Kite, Takari, Eagle and Sunelg were widely grown and competed satisfactorily with contemporary cultivars.