(Anderson et al., 1971)


Srmq3 (Berg et al., 1963); Srr13 (Rondon et al., 1966); R2 (Loegering and Powers, 1962).

Chromosome Location

2B (Anderson et al., 1971).

Low Infection Type

2= to 3 (Anderson et al., 1971; Roelfs and McVey, 1979; Roelfs et al., 1992).

Environmental Variability

Not known.


Common wheat cv. Marquis.

Pathogenic Variability

Most collections of P. graminis f. sp tritici are virulent (Roelfs and McVey, 1979; Huerta-Espino, 1992).

Reference Stocks

v: Mq-C (Anderson et al., 1971); RI-C (Anderson et al., 1971). Marquis Sr7b Sr18 Sr19 (Anderson et al., 1971).

Source Stock

Reliance Sr5 Sr16 Sr18 (Anderson et al., 1971).

Use in Agriculture



Not available.