(Anderson et al., 1971)


Srmq2 (Berg et al., 1963).

Chromosome Location

2B (Anderson et al., 1971); 2BS (Williams and Maan, 1973).

Low Infection Type

1- to 1+ (Roelfs and McVey, 1979), 2C (Huerta-Espino, 1992).

Environmental Variability

Not known.


Common wheat cv. Marquis. Other sources of Sr19 have not been identified.

Pathogenic Variability

Most collections of P. graminis f. sp tritici are virulent (Roelfs and McVey, 1979; Luig, 1983). Huerta-Espino (1992) recorded two cultures producing IT 2C on lines with Sr19. One of these was collected in the Malagasy Republic and the other in Chile.

Reference Stocks

v: Mq-B (Anderson et al., 1971). Marquis Sr7b Sr18 Sr20 (Anderson et al., 1971).

Source Stocks

None known.

Use in Agriculture



Not available.