Scope and Approach: 

Working together with CIMMYT and stakeholders at targeted National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), the Advocacy objective aims to secure additional funding for durable wheat and create communication and advocacy infrastructures that will sustain the wheat research and development community of scientists and would-be beneficiaries beyond the duration of this four-year grant. Creating stable funding sources will help CIMMYT develop and sustain its position as the world leader of wheat initiatives for global food security. Communications networks will: enable scientists to track and monitor diseases and develop disease-resistant and climate-smart varieties of wheat; provide farmers with information to replace non-durable varieties of wheat with more durable varieties; inform the entire wheat community about emerging threats, whether biotic or abiotic; build the case for continued investment in wheat research. Activities will include: coordinating communications among multiple international wheat organizations, providing communication and advocacy training for young wheat scientists, and interacting with wheat scientists, farmers, and potential donors.