The wheat rust toolbox: Management and visualization of global wheat rust data

In recent years Pgt race Ug99 has moved out of East Africa posing a threat to other regions in Africa, Central and West Asia, and other regions where this pathotype had not been found. In Europe a new Pst population (Warrior and Kranich races) replaced less diverse pathogen populations during the years 2011-2014. To enable the tracking and monitoring of the evolution of pathogen populations, a new web/database management and display system called the Wheat Rust Toolbox was developed. This platform, hosted by the Global Rust Reference Centre, supports two major initiatives: 1) the Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat project (DRRW), for managing and visualizing wheat rust pathogen data - mainly related to the stem rust pathogen (Pgt) from Africa, Central and West Asia; and 2) the ENDURE wheat rust network for managing and visualizing stripe rust, including Pst race, virulence and genotype data for Europe. The presentation will provide an overview of data and tools available in the Wheat Rust Toolbox, the research infrastructure behind it, and how data are disseminated via several information platforms such as, and Opportunities available for analyzing genotypic data (SSR and SNP) online via a web-based version of the POPPR integrated with the Wheat Rust Toolbox will be presented. Overall the results show that the collation of data in a standardized way across many countries leads to more robust and fast conclusions that will stimulate closer collaborations between partners.

Aarhus University, Denmark
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