Stocking the Breeder’s Toolbox: An update on the status of resistance to stem rust in wheat

The number of designated stem rust resistance genes has increased by ~10 over the past four years. Translocations involving several broadly-effective alien resistance genes with limited or no previous agricultural deployment were enginneered to reduce the likelihood of linkage drag, and the foundations of adult plant resistance were established. This progress resulted from international collaboration, increased global coordination, and critical financial support. By buidling on these initial accomplishments and improving genetic and genomic resources over the next four years we expect to achieve: 1. more than 10 additional formally designated stem rust resistance genes conferring resistance to Ug99-complex races, 2. robust/diagnostic DNA marker haplotypes identified for most sources of resistance, 3. multiple linkage blocks of two or more resistance genes to enhance gene pyramiding efforts, and 4. knowledge of numerous additional sources of resistance complelely or partially identified. Never before have so many resources and supporting tools been available to combat the wheat rusts. It is an opportune time for the international community to strategically deploy and responsibly steward our genetic resources for durable control of wheat stem rust.

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Mike Pumphrey
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University, USA
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