Mining sources of resistance to stripe rust in bread and durum wheat landraces from ICARDA genebank collection

In 2016 the bread wheat (BW) and durum wheat (DW) landrace accessions were evaluated against PstS2 and in 2017 against a mixture of PstS2 and warrior race in field inoculations at Izmir precision stripe rust phenotyping platform. Inoculation was carried out three times during seedling, tillering and booting stages using mixture of fresh spore and talcum powder. Adult-plant responses of tested accessions were recorded according to 0-9 scale once the flag leaf of the susceptible cultivar became fully susceptible. During 2016, out of 3319 BW accessions, 1135 (36%), 871 (28%) and 1133 (36%) were found resistant (1-3 scale), moderately resistant (4-6), and susceptible (7-9) to PstS2, respectively. Amongst the resistant accessions in 2016, 1043 (33%) remained resistant while 786 (25%) showed moderate resistant and 1310 (42%) became susceptible. In 2017, 43% of moderately resistant accessions showed susceptibility to warrior race and 57% remained resistant to moderately resistant. Within the susceptible accessions to PstS2 race in 2016, 22% showed resistance to the warrior race and the remaining were susceptible. In case of DW in 2016, 76% (553) of the accessions were resistant to PstS2, 23% (163) were moderately resistant and only 1% (7) were found susceptible. In 2017, 329 (46%) of the resistant accessions were found resistant, whereas 289 (40%) and 105 (15%) showed moderately resistance and susceptible reaction to Warrior race, respectively. The present data indicated that BW landraces were generally more susceptible to stripe rust than DWs. Susceptibility of both BW and DW accessions to Warrior race indicated that most likely some of the uncharacterized resistance genes which conferred resistance to PstS2 were ineffective against the warrior race. Sources of resistance to both races were identified in both BW and DW. Genetic architecture of identified sources of resistance in present study requires further investigations.

Turkey-ICARDA Regional Cereal Rust Research Center (RCRRC), ICARDA, Menemen, Izmir, Turkey
Muhammad Massub Tehseen, Ezgi Kurtulus, Maha Al Ahmed, Ahmed Amri, Mariana Yazbek, Ali Shehadeh
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