Identification of resistance wheat cultivars using molecular marker against yellow rust in Azerbaijan

A study was conducted between 2014 and 2016 aiming at determining resistance genotypes of 51 local wheat cultivars in Azerbaijan. The cultivars were evaluated in five different agro-ecological zone including Absheron and Tar-Tar (Irrigated area), Qobustan (dry semi subtropical area),Sheki (rain fed area), and Jalilabad (dry area) against three of the rust pathogens under natural conditions with four repetitions at each region. Field responses under natural infection were recorded according to Modified Cobb's scale for major field responses (Restance (R), Moderelt Resistance MR), Moderet Sesusptable (MS), and Sussciptabe (S) and diseases severity (0-100%). For molecular analysis, genomic DNA was extracted from leaves and the following six markers (Yr5, Yr9, Yr10, Yr15, Yr17, Yr18, and Yr26) were used to identify resistance genes at Plant Genomics College of Agronomy Northwest A&F University China. Marker analysis revealed that Yr5 was present at least in 12 cultivars including Murov, Murov-2, Shafag, Shafaq-2, Nurlu-99,Fatima, Azamatli-95,Agali, Gunashli, Saba Giymatli 2/17, P?rzivan-1, Tale-38. In addition, Yr9 was present in seven culitivars (Pirshahin-1, Layagatli-80, Shafag-2, Zirva-85,Fatima, Agali, Gunashli). Yr10 was present in eight cultivars (Yegana, Garagilchig-2, Yagut, Pirshahin, Shirvan-5, Barakatli-95, Bayaz, Girmizi bugda). And Yr18 was present in Mirbashir-128, Azamatli-95, Gunashli, Akinchi-84, Shirvan-3 cultivars. Yr26 worked well but was not found in any of cultivars. Yr17,Yr15 did not work very well with this method.

Research Institute of Crop Husbandry, Azerbaijan
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