Identification and validation of SNP markers linked to the stripe rust resistance gene Yr5 in wheat

Stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) is a devastating disease of wheat production world-wide. Yr5 is a race-specific resistance gene effective to all races which have been identified in the U.S. Therefore, it has been increasingly used for cultivar development in the U.S.  The goal of this study was to identify “breeder friendly” SNP markers associated with Yr5 through linkage mapping in a spring wheat recombinant inbred line (RIL) population and validate these markers with an additional RIL population, Pacific Northwest (PNW) wheat elite breeding materials, and a world-wide collection of spring wheat. RIL populations were developed from a cross between moderately susceptible experimental line WA8149 and two elite Yr5 donors, S0900317 and S0900163. Seventy PNW spring and winter wheat lines either carrying Yr5 or not, and 3,040 hexaploid spring wheat lines from a world-wide collection were used to further validate flanking markers for Yr5. Seedling resistance response to isolates Pstv-37 and Pstv-51 was evaluated for these RIL populations. These RILs were genotyped with 46 KASP markers located on chromosome 2B in addition to previously reported Yr5 linked markers, wmc175 (Murphy et al. 2009) and TaAffix65234.1.S1_at (McGrann et al. 2014). Linkage mapping was conducted by MapDisto v1.7.5. A total 10 markers localized Yr5 within 0.7 cM chromosome region in the WA8149/S0900317 population of 300 RILs. The same set of markers also localized Yr5 within 3 cM chromosome region in the WA8149/S0900163 population of 274 RILs. Newly identified KASP markers were closer to Yr5 than wmc175 and TaAffix65234.1.S1_at in these two populations. These markers were further validated with PNW winter and spring wheat and a world-wide collection of spring wheat. These KASP markers flanking Yr5 reliably selected for germplasm carrying Yr5 and will assist in pyramiding different resistances into breeding lines to develop more durable stripe rust resistant cultivars.

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University, USA
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