Linda McCandless
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Join the BGRI's #WheatIsScience social media campaign, which we are launching this month in support of the March for Science and Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. We want to raise awareness of the vital role that wheat research, science, and international collaboration play in improving food security and livelihoods around the world.

To participate:
  • Download "Take it to the Farmer” posters here.
  • Print your own copy of the poster.
  • Take your picture with our posters.
  • Describe the project you're working on and post it on your Twitter or Facebook account like Lee Hickey and Maricelis Acevedo did here.  
  • Make sure you use #WheatisScience as a hashtag.

Why are we doing this?
Throughout his life, Dr. Norman Borlaug understood the importance of ensuring that the benefits of scientific research reach the people who need it the most. No statement exemplified this more clearly than his famous words: "Take it to the farmer."

In the decades since Dr. Borlaug first began his work addressing food security, many take for granted the remarkable scientific achievements he pioneered. Yet the work he began continues today, as scientists all over work hard on breeding plants more tolerant to disease, salinity, and drought. By bringing these innovations to the field, farmers all over the world can achieve higher, more stable yields, lifting many out of poverty and giving much-needed security.

What will the BGRI do with these pictures?
All photos we receive will be posted in an album on the BGRI Facebook page.