2015 BGRI Workshop

17-20 September in Sydney Australia

BGRI 2015 Agenda

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Day 1 Thursday 17 September

Session 1: Workshop Opening and Welcome
16:00Welcome: Ronnie Coffman, Vice Chair, BGRI; Jeanie Borlaug Laube, Chair, BGRI
Remarks:Robert Park, University of Sydney, Australia; Katherine Kahn, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
 Keynote: BGRI 2015: How far have we come?
Robert McIntosh, University of Sydney, Australia
Session 2: PBI and the World: The Plant Breeding Institute: Developing generations of world leaders in rust research
16:55Moderators: Sanjaya Rajaram, ICARDA (ret.) and Resource Seed Mexicana; Colin Wellings, University of Sydney, Australia
Panelists: Davinder Singh, University of Sydney, Australia; Sridhar Bhavani, CIMMYT, Kenya; Kumarse Nazari, ICARDA, Iran; Eric Huttner, ACIAR, Australia, Naeela Qureshi, University of Sydney, Pakistan
18:00Remarks: The Hon Niall Blair MLC, Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Lands and Water, Australia

Welcome Reception and Poster Session
19:45-20:30Odd-numbered posters attended
20:30-21:15Even-numbered posters attended

Day 2 Friday 18 September

08:45Morning Keynote: Edgar S. McFadden: Innovator of wheat improvement
Kevin Kephart, South Dakota State University, USA
Session 3: Gene Stewardship
09:15Keynote: Durable rust resistance: From gene to paddock, continent and beyond
Robert Park, University of Sydney, Australia
09:35Gene Stewardship Award Ceremony, presented by Ronnie Coffman, Vice Chair BGRI
10:05Coffee/Tea Break
10:25Training agricultural scientists for a more globalized world: Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program after 7 years
Edward Runge, Texas A&M University, USA

Session 4: New Sources of Resistance
Chair: Ian Dundas, University of Adelaide, Australia
10:40Capturing new genetic variation for rust resistance among the Watkins collection of pre-Green Revolution wheats: Discovery to deployment and cloning
Urmil Bansal, University of Sydney, Australia
11:00The cereal Mla locus is a rich source of effective resistance genes: cloning the Sr50 gene from rye
Rohit Mago, CSIRO, Australia
11:20Contribution of environment and pathogen race to effectiveness of adult plant resistance to wheat stem rust
Matthew Rouse, USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Lab, USA

Session 5: Surveillance
Chair: Sajid Ali, University of Agriculture, Pakistan
13:10Keynote: Three principles for more informative virulence surveys of cereal rusts
Gene Milus, University of Arkansas
13:40A decade of stem rust surveillance: How far have we come and where are we going?
David Hodson, CIMMYT-Ethiopia
14:00Detection of significant new races of the wheat stem rust pathogen in Africa and Europe
Mogens Hovmoller, Aarhus University, Denmark
14:20Detection of Ug99 (TTKSK) race of stem rust fungus in Egypt
Atef Shahin, Agricultural Research Centre, Egypt
15:00Coffee/Tea Break
15:20New variants in the Ug99 race group found in Kenya in 2013 and 2014
Maria Newcombe, University of Arizona, USA
15:50Rapid isolation and increase of virulent Pgt races and evaluation of germplasm in single-race field nurseries in Ethiopia
Endale Hailu, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
16:10Quantification of atmospheric dispersion and identification of likely airborne transmission routes of emerging strains of wheat stem rust
Marcel Meyer, University of Cambridge, UK

19:00-19:20Group Photo
19:30-21:30Evening Reception and Poster Session
19:45-20:30Even-numbered posters attended
20:30-21:15Odd-numbered posters attended

Day 3 Saturday 19 September

08:30Morning Keynote: Innovation for sustainable farming practices: Turning the potential into yield, income and reduced risks
Bram Govaerts, CIMMYT-Mexico @BramACCIMMYT

Session 6: Yellow Rust
Chair: Evans Lagudah, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia
09:05An integrated genomics approach to combat the wheat yellow rust pathogen
Cristobal Uauy, John Innes Centre, UK @CristobalUauy
09:25Segregation for aggressiveness in sexual offspring of the yellow rust pathogen Puccinia striiformis
Chris Khadgi Sørensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
09:45Coffee/Tea Break
10:05Placement of South African stripe rust in a global context and development of diagnostic tools for genotyping field samples
Hester van Schalkwyk, University of the Free State, South Africa
10:25Metabolomics and plant physiology during the wheat-stripe rust interaction
Veronica Roman-Reyna, Australian National University @xocolatl_vrr

Session 7: Women in Triticum
11:05Keynote: Wheat and the role of gender in the developing world
Martin Kropff, Director General, CIMMYT @KropffMartin
11:35WIT Awards Ceremony, Awards presented by Jeanie Borlaug Laube, Chair, BGRI; Introductions by Lesley Boyd, NIAB, UK

Session 8: Breeding
Chair: Maricelis Acevedo, North Dakota State University, USA
13:00Keynote: Australian wheat breeding: Trends, traps and rainbows
Tresslyn Walmsley, Intergrain, Australia @TressWalmsley
13:30Breeding durable adult plant resistance to stem rust in spring wheat: Progress made in a decade since the launch of the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative
Sridhar Bhavani, CIMMYT-Kenya
13:50Using “speed breeding” to harness rust resistance: Faster, cheaper and easier
Lee Hickey, The University of Queensland, Australia @DrHikov
14:10Phenotyping adult plant resistance to leaf rust in wheat under accelerated growth conditions
Adnan Riaz, The University of Queensland, Australia @Adnanriaz7
14:30Implications of new technologies for durability
Jessica Rutkoski, Cornell University/CIMMYT-Mexico @JRutkoski
15:10Coffee/Tea Break

Session 9: BGRI Research Awards and Workshop Closing
Chair: Ronnie Coffman, Vice Chair BGRI
15:302015 BGRI Workshop Poster Awards and Graduate Student Research Award
Presented by Zak Pretorius, University of the Free State, South Africa
16:00Workshop Summaries
Lee Hickey, University of Queensland, Australia; Cristobal Uauy, John Innes Centre, UK; Jessica Rutkoski, Cornell/CIMMYT, Mexico
16:30Concluding Remarks
Robert Park, University of Sydney, Australia
Ronnie Coffman, Vice Chair BGRI

Day 4 Sunday 20 September FIELD DAY to Plant Breeding Institute

08:30-09:00Departure from hotel (staggered times)
10:30-11:15Welcome and Morning tea
11:15-12:00Overview: Robert Park, University of Sydney, Australia
12:00-13:30Greenhouse, lab and field tours
14:30Greenhouse, lab and field tours resume
17:15Arrive at hotel