March 2017

Top Story:

2017 Women in Triticum (WIT) Award Winners Announced

On March 22, Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat (DGGW) associate director for science Maricelis Acevedo presented the 2017 Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum (WIT) Early Career Award to five promising women in the field of wheat...

February 2017

Top Story:

DGGW inaugurates new seed systems initiative in Nepal

On January 23, the DGGW launched its Seed Systems for Nepal initiative. The main event of the launch was the inauguration of a new seed processing facility, attended by 200 farmers selected to be the first to access the equipment....

January 2017

Top Story:

UK aid supports scientists fighting threats to global wheat supply

With the new year comes new opportunities and developments for the BGRI. We are pleased to announce that the four-year Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat (DGGW) project will receive $10.5M in UK aid nvestment. This funding...

December 2016

Top Story:

A look back at 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, the BGRI takes a look back at some of the people and stories that made this an exciting year. And we feature a blog post about Dr. Pablo Olivera and his work in Ethiopia.

November 2016

Top Story:

Three Ethiopians pursuing Phds in wheat pathology and breeding

As part of its Talent Pipeline Objective in the Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat project, is supporting three Ethiopian students to complete PhD degrees in areas relevant to wheat research.  All three currently work with the...

October 2016

Top Story:

Taking the Scientists to the Rust

Saha Bir Rai doesn't see stem rust in his fields in Bhutan. "We have wheat varieties but we don't understand levels or types of rust," said the senior plant protection officer in the Division of Pest Surveillance at Bhutan's National Plant Protection...

September 2016

Top Story:

Wheat and Wheat Rust Communities Features in Cornell MOOC on GMOs

Join Cornell University and edX in the GMO-focused Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores the political debate around GMOs and society. Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, have transformed the way we produce...

July 2016

Top Story:

Ron DePauw Donates WIT Award to FINCA

When Ron DePauw was awarded the 2016 WIT Mentor Award for his dedication to gender parity in agricultural science, he decided to donate the $3,000 cash prize to FINCA International, an organization dedicated to providing women with microloans. FINCA...

June 2016

Top Story:

The BGRI lost one of its own when Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad passed away on June 3

Dr. Ahmad was a former chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and served on the BGRI Executive Committee from 2012-2015. He also received the Norman Borlaug Award for Plant Protection in 2006. His...

March 2016

Top Story:

Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat (DGGW) launches

What makes the BGRI great are collaborations among scientists and institutions. This new phase of the BGRI will continue that effort as we fight more wheat stresses and over the next four years we hope to expand the BGRI community.