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Former CIMMYT Global Wheat Program Director Wins 2014 World Food Prize

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative congratulates Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram for being recognized as the 2014 World Food Prize Winner.
In announcing the name of the 2014 Laureate, Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, President of the World Food Prize, noted how highly appropriate it is to honor Dr. Rajaram ...

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John Bakum · 19 Jun 2014

Celebrate Norman Borlaug and Wheat this summer in Washington, DC

In celebration of Dr. Borlaug's legacy and the contemporary challenge of improving food security through botanical and agricultural means, the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) is hosting a series of programs, exhibits and lectures through the summer that coincides with the official unveiling ...

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Linda McCandless · 4 Jun 2014

International Scientists and Policymakers Gather in Turkey to Tackle Stripe Rust

Driven by the shift toward higher temperatures and increasingly variable and intense rainfall for short durations, wheat stripe rust is flourishing in new areas of the world. Aggressive new strains have decimated wheat crops, notably in 2010 when an epidemic destroyed some 400,000 hectares in ...

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Linda McCandless and Michael Devlin · 3 Jun 2014

Jeanie Borlaug in Asia: Day 4

FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN: On the 25th of April, Jeanie Borlaug and Gordon and Kathy Cisar of the BGRI, and Hans Braun and Etienne Duvalier of CIMMYT, participated in a number of events at the Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI) in Faisalabad to commemorate the 100th birthday of ...

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Linda McCandless with Gordon Cisar · 20 May 2014

Jeanie Borlaug in Asia: Day 3

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: On the morning of April 24, Jeanie Borlaug met with Pakistani women scientists at a tea hosted by Clay Hamilton, the USDA Agricultural Counselor to Pakistan. The event was held at the Norman Borlaug Agriculture House, residence of the Agricultural Counselor, which had been ...

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Linda McCandless with Gordon Cisar · 19 May 2014

Jeanie Borlaug in Asia: Day 2

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: Jeanie Borlaug is visiting Pakistan this week with other members of the BGRI team to celebrate Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Dr. Borlaug’s initial trips to Pakistan. Dr. Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution, introduced the semi-dwarfing, high ...

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Gordon Cisar and Linda McCandless · 30 Apr 2014

Welcome to the new!

The BGRI is pleased to debut our new website. We hope you will find it streamlined and easy to use.  The BGRI’s website is a service to our community, so we welcome feedback about the site: information that we have or don’t have, things that don’t make sense and other issues.  Please send any ...

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John Bakum · 30 Apr 2014

Jeanie Borlaug in Asia: Day 1

ANKARA, TURKEY: Continuing the year-long celebration of what would have been Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday, his daughter, Jeanie Borlaug, is in Central Asia this week visiting wheat research facilities in Turkey and Pakistan with the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI). She plans to attend ...

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Linda McCandless · 29 Apr 2014

Localized stem rust epidemic in Southern Ethiopia

A severe, localised stem rust epidemic has broken out in southern Ethiopia during November-December 2013. The districts of Agarfa and Gasera in Bale zone are the most seriously affected, but some spread into other areas is now being reported. The previously resistant and popular cultivar “Digelu” ...

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John Bakum · 23 Dec 2013

Barberry harvest in Iran

Many BGRI scientists have been on treks to find barberry bushes bordering wheat fields, high in the hills of Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, or even the Pacific Northwest. Barberry is a carrier of rust, but also a landscape plant. In some parts of the world, the berries are used as a spice. This ...

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Linda McCandless · 13 Dec 2013