BGRI Workshop

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24 Mar 2014

The Global Occurence and Economic Consequences of Stripe Rust in Wheat

Phillip Pardey, University of Minnesota, USA

22 Mar 2014

Introduction by Ronnie Coffman

Ronnie Coffman, Vice-Chair, kicks of the 2014 BGRI Workshop

23 Mar 2014

Youth and the Future of the Food Industry

Joenelle Futrell, University of Florida, USA

Jeanie Borlaug at the 2014 BGRI Technical Workshop 22 Mar 2014

Jeanie Borlaug Welcomes The BGRI 2014 Technical Workshop

BGRI 2012: Haven Ley - Social, Cultural, and Gender Constraints to Adoption

BGRI 2012: Matt Rouse - Technical Workshop Summary - Towards Durable Rust Resistance

BGRI 2012: Mike Pumphery - Stocking the Breeder's Toolbox - The status of UG99 Resistance

BGRI 2012 Keynote Address: Michael Baum - The growing threat of stripe rust epidemics worldwide

Honorable Minister Matia Chowdhury at the BGRI Conference HD

Matia Chowdury, the Agricultural Minister of Bangladesh, speaks at the BGRI 2011 Technical Workshop

Dave Hodson, FAO, at the BGRI Conference

Dave Hodson, Of the UN FAO speaks at the BGRI 2011 Technical Workshop