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February 2017 Additions

G3 • Comparative Analysis Highlights Variable Genome Content of Wheat Rusts and Divergence of the Mating Loci
Christina A. Cuomo, Guus Bakkeren, Hala Badr Khalil, Vinay Panwar, David Joly, Rob Linning, Sharadha Sakthikumar, Xiao Song, Xian Adiconis, Lin Fan, Jonathan M. Goldberg, Joshua Z. Levin, Sarah Young, Qiandong Zeng, Yehoshua Anikster, Myron Bruce, Meinan Wang, Chuntao Yin, Brent McCallum, Les J. Szabo, Scot Hulbert, Xiaming Chen, John P. Fellers
Theoretical and Applied Genetics • Association mapping of leaf rust resistance loci in a spring wheat core collection
M. Kathryn Turner, James A. Kolmer, Michael O. Pumphrey, Peter Bulli, Shiaoman Chao, James A. Anderson
Crop Science • Identification and Validation of SNP Markers Linked to the Stripe Rust Resistance Gene Yr5 in Wheat
Yukiko Naruoka, Kaori Ando, Peter Bulli, Kebede T. Muleta, Sheri Rynearson and Michael O. Pumphrey