Genetic Resistance to Ug99

John Bakum
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two companion papers in Science examine genetic resistance to Ug99 in Sr33 and Sr35. By cloning gene segments of an ancestral wheat species not often cultivated but closely related to bread and pasta wheat, and inserting the cloned material into modern wheat varieties, Cyrille Saintenac and colleagues demonstrated that the gene Sr35 confers immunity to Ug99. Wheat with this gene did not show susceptibility to stem rust. Sambasivam Periyannan and colleagues performed a similar study and found that the gene Sr33 conferred resistance to the new and deadly fungal disease.

Identification of Wheat Gene Sr35 That Confers Resistance to Ug99 Stem Rust Race Group
Cyrille Saintenac, Wenjun Zhang, Andres Salcedo, Matthew N. Rouse, Harold N. Trick, Eduard Akhunov, Jorge Dubcovsky
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The Gene Sr33, an Ortholog of Barley Mla Genes, Encodes Resistance to Wheat Stem Rust Race Ug99
Sambasivam Periyannan, John Moore, Michael Ayliffe, Urmil Bansal, Xiaojing Wang, Li Huang, Karin Deal, Mingcheng Luo, Xiuying Kong, Harbans Bariana, Rohit Mago, Robert McIntosh, Peter Dodds, Jan Dvorak, Evans Lagudah
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