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  • 2017 WIT Award Winners (l. - r.) Margaret Krause, Ritika Chowdhary, Sarrah Ben M’Barek-Ben Romdhane, Tine Thach, Weizhen Liu, and Silvia Germán (Mentor Award)
  • Now available online
  • The next phase of the BGRI

The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative:

  • reduces the world’s vulnerability to stem, yellow, and leaf rusts of wheat;
  • facilitates the evolution of sustainable international partnerships to contain the threat of wheat rusts, and
  • enhances world productivity to withstand future threats to wheat.


  • Why we fly: Revolutionizing wheat phenotyping with drones
    Cally Arthur · 26 Apr 2017

    CIUDAD OBREGÓN, MEXICO: Ravi Singh compares plots of wheat lines growing in the fields of Obregón to determine which lines have potential as new varieties. Relying on reams of statistical breeding...+ More

  • WIT Profile: Yukiko Naruoka
    Tessa Schneider · 25 Apr 2017

    Catching up with Yukiko Naruoka, WIT winner in 2012.

    What is your current professional position, title, affiliation, responsibilities?
    I’m currently a Wheat breeder...+ More